I’ve contributed the chapter: Indigenous Techne: Native New Media in North America to the Figuring the Plural  report on arts organizations in North America.

Plural is a collaborative research project dedicated to supporting ethnocultural arts organizations located in Canada and the United States. Plural is dedicated to advancing equity in the arts through support of Canadian and US ethnocultural and community grounded arts organizations, artists, and arts administrators.

Figuring the Plural – Needs and Supports of Canadian and US Ethnocultural Arts Organizations
is an examination of ethnocultural, or ethnically/ culturally specific, arts organizations in Canada and the United States. As our societies rapidly diversify and we seek to negotiate our increasingly complex national identities, these organizations possess enormous potential to assist in this process for they serve as cultural advocates, cultural interpreters, facilitators of cross-cultural understanding and communication, keepers of ethnic tradition, and/or sites where prejudice is exposed and challenged.”