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Tag: Ricochet Media

As Fort McMurray fire grows, First Nations and small towns step up for evacuees

The fire has grown to 85,000 hectares. In the neighbourhoods hardest hit, only remnants of vehicles, office buildings and homes are left. Communities have been levelled, reduced to…

Immense gas leak in California fuels toxic levels of public distrust

Earlier this month, I boarded an Amtrak train in Los Angeles, on my way to Ventura, California. A few stops before my destination, I noticed a strange smell….

Indigenous Media Roundtable

Most Canadians don’t hear about the stories Indigenous peoples tell within their communities. Mainstream media only covers the most tragic events affecting Indigenous communities — if it chooses…

Introducing Ricochet Media’s Indigenous Reporting Fund

Ricochet was started with a simple goal — to cover stories that were lacking attention and most importantly, depth, in mainstream outlets across this continent. Dedicating significant financial…